Halderman Farm Management – Canada

Farm Management Services

The farm management services that Halderman Farm Management Canada Ltd. (HFM) can provide a range from an occasional consultation to complete management of a farm operation.  A client requesting complete management services could expect HFM to carry out the activities outlined below.  Some more specific details about how these services may be applied to the MD Private Trust Company Farm are shown as well.  In general, the following paragraphs provide a starting point from which we would customize our services to your specific situation.

  • Become familiar with the farm, the farm owner, the farm operator, and learn their expectations for the farm. 
  • Perform a complete inspection of the farm. 
  • Based on the inspection, make recommendations regarding lease alternatives and discuss the income potential and benefit of each.
  • Work with the current operator, if necessary, to negotiate the lease or locate the best qualified operator.
  • Work with the operator to determine optimum crop rotations and tillage practices which meet the owner’s goals,  are in compliance with government regulations, and are beneficial to the long-term value of the farm.
  • Market all grain.
  • Monitor participation in and compliance with applicable government programs.
  • Recommend and if approved, implement appropriate measures for land use restrictions.
  • Develop a soil testing and monitoring program for the long-term fertility improvement of the farm.
  • Manage and maintain home, buildings, and other improvements.
  • Improve and maintain farm for future interests.
  • Review the insurance program and, if needed, recommend appropriate insurance coverage for the property.
  • Provide regular communications regarding all aspects of the farm operation.
  • Provide quarterly farm financial reports, year-end reports, annual inventory records, and detailed tax information ready to be used by your accountant or to use to fill in your tax return.