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It’s Harvest Time in the Midwest.

Greetings from South/West Central Indiana.  Mid-October finds farmers working diligently to harvest their corn and soybeans after being slowed by a week-long wet and rainy period that delayed harvesting.  It did allow farmers to catch up on any needed machinery maintenance, grain drying and handling/hauling (and some rest), after making good progress the in late […]

So What is Happening in the Farmland Sector?

 A Tipping Point? Everywhere I turn there is another article on farmland values stabilizing and the potential for the ag economy to improve. Reports from the major land grant universities, farm lenders and other land sources indicate that farmland remains in a stable pattern, with little change up or down over the past 12 months. […]

Which Crop Should I Plant for 2018?

Just before the 2017 harvest, some attention turns to next year’s budgets.  Preliminary thoughts and plans begin to take shape for next year’s crops.  Next year should we plant more acres in soybeans or in corn?  Do we keep the crop rotation as we have in the past?  Many producers are 50% in corn and […]

Women’s Conservation Learning Circle

The Wabash & Miami Soil & Water Conservation Districts hosted Women4Land at the Hettmansperger Farm on August 29th.  Women4Land provides education and information to empower women to help make decisions on many aspects of land use and land management decisions.  All participants were encouraged to share their own experiences with farming and their goals for […]

What is the State of Your Farm Lease?

Are you thinking of renegotiating your farm lease or selling your farm this year?  Indiana law mandates written termination three months before the end of an oral lease. Some states require a six month notice on oral leases. If you have a written lease, what does it say?  Now is the time to talk to […]

Even Well Drained Farms Could Not Handle This Kind of Continuous Rainfall.

As I wrote to my owners in July I had reflect on the fact that this is the ugliest crop I have ever seen in the Wabash/Miami counties area. We had a cold, wet spring, and then a series of 4″-5″ rains that flooded many fields in the area. Even well drained farms could not […]

OCRA Designates Huntington County’s Brickley as Indiana Site Certified Prime.

Harry Brickley, a longtime client, in the early 1980’s purchased 80 acres with the foresight that someday this land would be developed.  In the early 2000’s Harry helped fund sewer and water from Warren, IN out to I69.  Over the years small parcels could have been sold off this property but Harry had the vision […]

Why Trust Halderman to Sell Your Property?

“I would like to thank Halderman Real Estate and especially representatives, Jim and Sam Clark for their dedication and hard work in making our farm sale at auction a success. We are very pleased with how everything turned out.” “Thank you Larry!! And a HUGE congratulations to you too! I can’t tell you how much […]

New Ohio Program Helps Young Farmers.

Roughly 10 percent of small-scale farmers across the nation leave the industry every year.  This is the first sentence of  Farm World’s Doug Graves article titled “New Ohio Program Helps Young Farmers“.  To learn about all the programs available at the Ohio Ecological food and Farm Association.          

Farm Bureau is Working to Make Changes on Ohio Farm Real Estate Taxes.

Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) is used to determine the taxes paid on farmland in Ohio. CAUV legislation was passed in 1974 by the state legislature in order to decrease the tax rates on properties that were used for commercial agriculture. Previously agricultural land was taxed at fair market value and the goal was to […]