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Why does a corn planter cost so much?

Most of our Halderman farm operators use 16 or 24-row planters which are used for corn and sometimes soybeans.  Many operators have a separate planter for soybeans enabling them to plant both corn and soybeans at the same time.  There was a time when corn was planted first, then soybeans.  Now University research and practical […]

Do you ever wonder how your tenant’s planting season goes or what decisions need to be made?

Do you ever wonder how your tenant’s planting season goes or the decisions that need to be made? The following timeline will give you a glimpse into the 2017 spring planting at Columbus, Indiana. I started to say “a typical” planting season but the truth is no two years are alike. For most, the season […]

How do you find tenants and prospects? How do you select them?

Our farm managers are in areas they know extremely well.  On average our managers have 20 years with our firm.  Therefore when we make a tenant change for any reason they already have a list of high quality, potential tenants from which to consider. Many are tenants on other Halderman managed farms or they are […]

What value do you add to my farm?

There are two major ways we add value to your farm. 1)      Sourcing the best tenant(s) and negotiating a fair market lease that allows both the landowner and tenant to be successful.  This maximizes your annual income and provides the incentive for the tenant to invest in the farm over time. 2)      Work with you […]

Once the rent is collected, what else can Halderman do for me?

Our farm management services are customized for every client.  Therefore what we do beyond the lease negotiation and rent collection is defined by the client.  Some clients only want the leasing completed and others want complete farm management services.  If you want complete farm management here are some of the other services we provide: 1.      […]

Why do I need you when I could manage it myself?

Howard H. Halderman, Halderman Companies Founder in 1930, described our farm management as “To do for your farm what you would do if you had the time and experience.” Our staff has an average longevity with our firm and in their area managing farms in excess of 20 years.  Their daily focus is on managing, […]

What is a fair rent?

Technically a fair rent is an amount that a willing landowner and a willing tenant agree upon.  As a result we see a wide range of rents, most of which both parties would say are “fair” for them.  Our goal when leasing a farm is to create a lease that meets the owner’s needs/goals, maximizes […]

What are your fees?

Our second most frequently asked question when someone is looking at our Farm Management services is “What are your fees?” Our fees are structured based on the lease type, size of farm and the scope of management services desired.  The fees might be a few dollars per acre and/or a percent of the owner’s gross […]

What will you do for me?

This is the question we hear most often when someone is asking about our Farm Management services. First we become your fiduciary and represent your interests to the best of our ability! We recognize that your tenant has different goals than you do regarding the lease terms.  Naturally he represents his interests in the lease negotiations.  We represent […]

The prospects for low and/or negative margins exist for farmers in 2017.

The prospects for low and/or negative margins exist for farmers in 2017.  However, many farmers have prepared themselves to handle lower margins.  Cost cutting, budget trimming, adding value-added and premium crops, and increasing the focus on marketing have all bee steps farmers have been taking recently.  Those farmers that have successfully trimmed their costs, raise […]