Tis’ the season of giving! Many organizations are making their year-end requests and I know charities count on December giving for much of their annual budget. At Halderman we have new program that helps charities year-round. About 2 years ago the Halderman Companies started a wellness program. We do the typical health screens and provide […]

The Indiana-Illinois Farm and Outdoor Power Equipment Show starts at 9 am today. Visit us at Booth #111. For more info on this show http://www.inilfarm.com/

One way to track real estate sale trends is to analyze the land using the weighted average productivity index (WAPI) compared to the sale price per acre.  The WAPI is a summary of the soil types on a farm and the corresponding productivity index as provided by the USDA and NRCS.  This analysis is done […]

Halderman’s Goals for your farm Do you know what Halderman Farm Management’s goals are for your farm?  First and foremost our goal is to manage the farm according to your goals and needs.  That is always our first objective! Our goals are in alignment with yours and fall into two categories.  Maximize Your Income First […]

In east central Indiana and west central Ohio we had a heavy 3.5″ rainfall early in November that further delayed harvest.  In talking to area farm operators, they all agree that this is one of the most challenging years with the amount and timing of rainfall during the spring planting season and fall harvest. It […]

Last spring I wrote about the Trump Effect and said that by fall we would have more clear direction. To date there is little new information on each item I discussed, from trade to the RFS to the 2018 Farm Bill. Therefore a sense of direction from those issues is unclear. There is indication that […]

Did you know that drainage tile pays in many ways and that Halderman handles all aspects of the project?   Drainage tile offers many advantages to our farm management clients:      1) The improved drainage increases crop yields and helps the farm generate higher returns for the landowner.  In some instances the cash return on investment […]

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with a proactive farm couple who is putting together their estate plan relatively early in life.  They have a young son who is interested in taking over the farming operation someday. The parents would like to give him that opportunity, but they realize it may be at least […]

Howard Halderman was featured as a Member Spotlight in the Executive Forums Indiana Newsletter Executive Forums is having a significant impact on our business.  During one workshop we learned and instituted a revenue growth plan.  While we did certain pieces of it in the past, it really allowed us to build structure and consistency into […]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones have become very popular of the past few years. A variety of businesses use them in unique ways to enhance their customer service. As they become more affordable many individuals began purchasing and flying them for personal use without any guidelines or regulations on who or what could be […]