Looking back at some of my successful real estate sales for clients in 2016 brings to mind the advantage that our investor contacts have for our clients. There are currently millions of dollars available in the real estate market through investor buyers who are looking for farms to purchase. Potential investors provide Halderman Real Estate […]

Join us at the 28th Annual Ft. Wayne Farm Show!  The show runs January 17 thru January 19th. For more info on the show http://tradexpos.com/fort-wayne-farm-show/    

                                                Howard Halderman speaking to a great crowd at the Ag Update Seminar in Tipton, Indiana this morning.

For the third year in a row, farm operators are feeling the squeeze of low grain prices and high input costs.  Land grant universities, agricultural economists and Ag lenders are all calling for lower costs of production.  What does this mean to landowners?  Land is the most expensive input for farmers.  Has your farm tenant […]

  As we all take a moment to remember the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor we at Halderman Companies look to honor one of our own.  Charlie Morton entered the service at the age of 18.  After completing basic training Charlie was assigned to the 164 Infantry Regiment, serving in the Asiatic Pacific Theater.  He […]

Harvest has come to a close and what a nice fall it has been to get the farm work done. Yields in East Central IN are good, as they are throughout most of the Corn Belt. Soybean yields will set all-time records in many counties from Ft. Wayne to Muncie. Corn yields are not records […]

During my travels around the Midwest or the rural areas of Europe, for which I have been fortunate enough to I have met a lot of people who do not have a farm background, but are very curious about farming when they hear what I do for a living.  Everyone needs to eat and wants […]

The consolidation within the agricultural industry the past two years is somewhat unprecedented considering the size of the firms merging.  For centuries agriculture, and most mature industries, has undergone consolidation and vertical integration.  In a capitalistic economy this is not surprising and most mature industries, think auto industry, end up with 3-5 large manufacturers. To […]

As one travels throughout Indiana this fall we see green fields where corn and soybeans were recently harvested.  Many fields have a cover crop planted either prior to harvest or immediately after harvest.    A cover crop is typically an annual grass, clover, or tubular crop that germinates and grows quickly in cool soils. Some species […]

As we have moved from summer into autumn, the ever-evolving agriculture industry  is in full swing with harvest. This is the time to reap the rewards from   the year’s hard work and efforts.   As with most years 2016 finds the farmer and landlord faced with challenges. 2016 Crop In Michigan we had an excellent start […]