Why do I need you when I could manage it myself?

Why do I need you when I could manage it myself?

Howard H. Halderman, Halderman Companies Founder in 1930, described our farm management as “To do for your farm what you would do if you had the time and experience.” Our staff has an average longevity with our firm and in their area managing farms in excess of 20 years.  Their daily focus is on managing, selling, and/or appraising farms.  They are in the business every day and know their market.  While you could do many of the things we do, the value we offer a landowner is the knowledge our staff brings to the relationship.

We will:

A)     Make sure your lease is fair market and written.

B)     Maximize your income opportunities from all components of the farm asset (cropland, woods, buildings)

C)     Compliance and participation in all USDA programs

D)     Work to make sure the farm is well maintained and improved over time.                                   

Howard Halderman
Wabash, IN

E)      We use the latest in technology to manage your farm.  This may include on-line database programs to manage all the data generated digitally on your farm.  Our goal is to create a library of information (yields, soil tests, tile maps, irrigation maps, crop maps, etc.) on your property that will make it more valuable to lease or sell in the future because you can prove drainage, soil fertility, yield history, etc.

F)      Handle the insurance, real estate taxes, and all other expenses related to the farm.

G)     Provide you comprehensive financial and narrative reports on your farm quarterly.

H)     If you are one of multiple owners our management takes the work load off of any one owner and provides all owners a sense that they are equally represented through Halderman.

Contact one of our Halderman representatives to discuss you management needs – https://www.halderman.com/contact-us/representatives/ or the Halderman main office 800-424-2324 info@halderman.com to learn more.