Halderman Farm Management Service provides an array of consultation services.  This can range from financial consulting to capital improvement analysis and to family ownership issues.  If you have a farm related problem, give us a call and we may be able to assist or will know of a resource or person you can talk to for assistance.

Here are some of the consulting projects we can complete.  This list is a sample of what we can do.  If you have a question or concern, just call the main office and we will guide you accordingly.

Lease Analysis

Some clients prefer that we simply work with them to determine the right rent and then they negotiate the lease and implement it.  Others prefer that we handle all aspects of leasing the farm and then leave the rest of the management to them.

Financial Analysis

HFMS has utilized computer technology and many years of experience in the farm management field to develop programs and templates specifically designed to address the financial status of a farm. The modern day challenges of farm management are often best served by an experienced professional who can apply knowledge of previous successful situations to an existing situation.

Consultation services can be provided for single enterprises or an entire farm operation.

Family Ownership

HFMS has assisted families in transition planning, bringing on the next generation, appraisal work for partitions and estate planning, assisting one family member in buying out the other, and many other difficult situations.

Capital Improvements

HFMS has assisted a few clients with the oversight of capital improvement projects such as a large grain handling system, farm storage facilities, livestock buildings, irrigation projects and tile drainage.