Once the rent is collected, what else can Halderman do for me?

Once the rent is collected, what else can Halderman do for me?

Our farm management services are customized for every client.  Therefore what we do beyond the lease negotiation and rent collection is defined by the client.  Some clients only want the leasing completed and others want complete farm management services.  If you want complete farm management here are some of the other services we provide:

1.      Handle all repairs and maintenance.

2.      Oversee any capital improvement project.

3.      Manage every asset on the property (cropland, timber, buildings, house rental, etc.)

4.      Handle all USDA Farm Service Agency programs.                                                                            

Howard Halderman
Wabash, IN

5.      Market any commodities the owner receives.

6.      Deposit all receipts and pay all the bills related to the farm.

7.      Provide financial services including handling all the income and expenses and producing financial reports as the client desires.

8.      Source and maintain appropriate liability and property insurance.

9.      Communicate regularly with the owner as the owner wants