Why you need a farm manager now more than ever.

Why you need a farm manager now more than ever.

For the third year in a row, farm operators are feeling the squeeze of low grain prices and high input costs.  Land grant universities, agricultural economists and Ag lenders are all calling for lower costs of production.  What does this mean to landowners?  Land is the most expensive input for farmers.  Has your farm tenant asked for a reduction in the land rent for 2017? Before you give them an answer, you need to answer several questions:


1.       Is your farm average for the neighborhood, above average?

2.       What is the average market rent in your neighborhood and how does my rent compare?

3.       Is this a reasonable request?

4.       If so, how much is the right amount? 

5.       Are there other farmers who might pay more rent while maintaining your farm?

6.       Is this in my best interest – does it create a win-win lease structure?

7.       Are there improvement projects that could increase the rental rate of my farm?

8.       Who is representing YOU to meet your goals?


Your local Halderman representative can answer all these questions and more.  Call for an appointment to share your goals for your farm and allow our trusted, knowledgeable advisors help you meet those goals.


Pat Karst
Huntington, IN