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Real Estate Services

Each year, HRES buys and sells several thousand acres of farm and transitional land totaling millions of dollars. To better serve our clients, HRES works both as a selling broker and an acquisition agent (buying broker).

Extensive contact with thousands of farm owners and operators, as well as our farm management and appraisal experience, has made the staff of HRES specialists in farm sales and acquisitions. HRES also has appraisal licensees in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Annually, HRES buys and sells more than 150 properties, varying from farmland, country homes and home building sites to development property. Transitional land transfers and exchanges in and around metropolitan areas is another area in which the staff has developed expertise. Each Halderman area representative has extensive farm background, works as a full-time manager and farm real estate agent, has an agricultural degree, is a licensed agent and is ready to HELP.

HRES as a Selling Broker

Properties listed for sale through HRES can be offered via private treaty negotiations, public auction or a private bid auction. After evaluating the property and talking with the client, a Halderman representative will recommend which method would best sell the property and meet the client's needs. The following are some of the basic services we provide as a selling broker for our clients:

  • Thoroughly inspect and analyze the property, and recommend sale method, terms and asking price
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing plan, including: advertising placed in local and regional newspapers and trade magazines, web promotional systems, e-mail, direct contact from a Halderman representative or through direct mail to our database of several thousand names of individuals and groups looking to buy farmland
  • Process inquiries, prepare and present offers, assist negotiations
  • If applicable, coordinate auction day activities, location, etc.
  • Coordinate closing and prepare all necessary documents, including 1031 exchange, to meet IRS guidelines
  • Represent our client's interest throughout the sales process

HRES as an Acquisition Agent (Buyer Broker)

Through many years of managing farm properties, Halderman has developed vast networks among farm owners throughout the eastern half of the United States. With this experience, the HRES staff is very knowledgeable about land market values, as well as which properties are or may be available for acquisition. Halderman's extensive resource of contacts often can lead to acquisition of property not openly offered on the real estate market.

HRES provides the following services for clients looking to acquire property.

  • Learn client's needs, goals/preferences pertaining to acquisition
  • Locate properties available for acquisition which meet needs
  • Prepare an in-depth analysis for each property including: agronomic factors, financial analysis, lease analysis, develop a target price range based upon our professional opinion and comparable sales and recommend alternative approaches to acquire properties
  • Coordinate closing and prepare all necessary documents
  • Represent our client's interests throughout the acquisition process
  • Provide professional management services, if desired, following the acquisition

Appraisal Services

For many years, the Halderman Companies have provided appraisals specifically for farms. Today, more than 400 appraisals are performed each year by Halderman experts. Many families, individuals, attorneys, financial institutions and investors make up our list of appraisal clients. Halderman's certified and accredited appraisers can perform appraisals for a myriad of reasons, including:

  • Loan evaluation
  • Estate evaluation
  • Sale
  • Condemnation proceedings
  • Conservation easements
  • Purchase considerations
  • Division of property among family members
  • Other situations where a market value appraisal is needed

Appraisals are presented to each client in written form and can range from a market valuation to complete, detailed report. Additionally, Halderman Real Estate Services, Inc., has staff members who are certified general appraisers to meet certain federal appraisal guidelines in loan evaluation situations.