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Bartholomew IN Porter, Marjorie L.
HLS #: PDB-11438     TOTAL ACRES: 34.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 33.33
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland, Development Potential
Bartholomew IN Manuilow, Linda
HLS #: PDB-11437     TOTAL ACRES: 64.90     TILLABLE ACRES: 63.57
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland
Boone IN Sachs/Macy/Decker Farm
HLS #: JTC-11447     TOTAL ACRES: 80.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 74.80
KEY FEATURE: Quality Farmland With Excellent Highway Frontage
Carroll IN J. Howard Farms, Inc.
HLS #: AJJ-11436     TOTAL ACRES: 80.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 74.22
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland
Carroll IN Huffer, Marion C. & Denise J.
HLS #: AJJ-11439     TOTAL ACRES: 141.57     TILLABLE ACRES: 128.07
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland
Cass IN Myers Farm
HLS #: AJJ-11443     TOTAL ACRES: 192.15     TILLABLE ACRES: 105.46
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland, Woods and Recreational Land
Cass IN Townsend, George Trust
HLS #: LWJ-11465     TOTAL ACRES: 42.30     TILLABLE ACRES: 33.40
KEY FEATURE: Farmland, Country Home, Recreational and Business Potential with Homesite
Clinton IN Jordan, Donna V. Revocable Living Trust
HLS #: JTC-11456     TOTAL ACRES: 118.73     TILLABLE ACRES: 108.50
KEY FEATURE: Quality Clinton County Farmland
Clinton OH JSM Farms LLC
HLS #: JEH-11460     TOTAL ACRES: 642.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 578.70
KEY FEATURE: Rare Opportunity To Acquire Large Productive Farm
DeKalb IN Peters, Lola Estate Farm
HLS #: WFE-11458     TOTAL ACRES: 70.10     TILLABLE ACRES: 56.40
KEY FEATURE: Grain Farm, Some Recreational Potential
Fulton IN Cripe, Rick Farm
HLS #: JRR-11429     TOTAL ACRES: 206.40     TILLABLE ACRES: 144.70
KEY FEATURE: Good Tillable Land With Recreational Mix.
Hancock IN Promontory Group, Inc
HLS #: MDB-11032     TOTAL ACRES: 82.33     TILLABLE ACRES: 76.94
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland Zoned Residential
Highland OH Soale Farm
HLS #: RDM-11427     TOTAL ACRES: 63.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 30.00
KEY FEATURE: Great Rural Property - Pasture, Cropland, Woods & Creek. Attractive Hunting Lands. Can Be Purchased Whole Or Split As 50 and 13 Acre Tracts.
Howard IN Hill, Robert E. Estate & June E. Hill Credit Trust
HLS #: JMM-11432     TOTAL ACRES: 184.38     TILLABLE ACRES: 167.39
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland
Howard IN Hill, Robert E Estate
HLS #: AJJ-11490     TOTAL ACRES: 20.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 11.80
KEY FEATURE: Potential Building Site and Woods
Huntington IN Cart, Stuart and Duane
HLS #: RAJ-11457     TOTAL ACRES: 151.69     TILLABLE ACRES: 143.00
KEY FEATURE: Prime Farmland
Lake IN Stinson, Stinson, Barclay & Moreno
HLS #: LAS-11459     TOTAL ACRES: 154.70     TILLABLE ACRES: 126.50
KEY FEATURE: Farmland In Transitional Area
Marion IN Harmon, Walter S. Trust and Nora E. Revocable Trust
HLS #: TGR-11021     TOTAL ACRES: 43.53     TILLABLE ACRES: 38.99
KEY FEATURE: Commercial and Residential Development Opportunity
Miami IN Moore, James F. Estate
HLS #: LWJ-11481     TOTAL ACRES: 172.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 58.70
KEY FEATURE: Recreational (Woods, Lake, Creek) & Farmland
Montgomery IN Smith, Eva L Estate
HLS #: GDB-11470     TOTAL ACRES: 158.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 136.19
KEY FEATURE: Quality Farmland
Tipton IN Morris, Dena Mae Estate
HLS #: JMM-11488     TOTAL ACRES: 94.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 88.26
KEY FEATURE: Prime Farmland - Excellent Location
Wabash IN Rauh, Mary Joann Property
HLS #: LWJ-11461     TOTAL ACRES: 215.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 72.42
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland, Woods and Recreational Land
Wayne IN Price, Samuel L. & Carmen L.
HLS #: CCP-11406     TOTAL ACRES: 98.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 62.00
KEY FEATURE: Tillable Acreage - Recreational Land - Potential Pond Sites & Building Sites

23 Farms found.