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Bartholomew IN Yarnell, Mikel & Barbra
HLS #: PDB-11505     TOTAL ACRES: 102.17     TILLABLE ACRES: 82.27
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland - River Frontage Camping Area
Boone IN Massing
HLS #: JTC-11528     TOTAL ACRES: 39.04     TILLABLE ACRES: 38.00
KEY FEATURE: Prime Farmland
Boone IN Lenox 4 & 5
HLS #: JTC-11513     TOTAL ACRES: 69.18     TILLABLE ACRES: 41.40
KEY FEATURE: Quality Farmland With Development Potential
Carroll IN Wagoner Ag Properties
HLS #: LWJ-11516     TOTAL ACRES: 514.29     TILLABLE ACRES: 486.00
KEY FEATURE: Excellent Farmland
Cass IN Newburn
HLS #: LWJ-11489     TOTAL ACRES: 358.59     TILLABLE ACRES: 338.60
KEY FEATURE: Excellent Farmland, Country Home With Outbuildings
Cass IN Jones Farm, Mark & Dorothy (MMT Farm LLC)
HLS #: LWJ-11506     TOTAL ACRES: 125.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 123.70
KEY FEATURE: Quality Farmland
Cass IN Becker, Charles Estate
HLS #: LWJ-11510     TOTAL ACRES: 160.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 153.80
KEY FEATURE: Good Farmland
Cass IN Pownell, Christopher & Mary Ellen
HLS #: AJJ-11512     TOTAL ACRES: 38.90     TILLABLE ACRES: 38.54
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland
Champaign OH Wild Rose Farm
HLS #: DMK-11519     TOTAL ACRES: 26.95     TILLABLE ACRES: 1.00
KEY FEATURE: Good Pasture Land With Barn And Woods
Clay IN Riley, William & Kristen
HLS #: TML-11474     TOTAL ACRES: 120.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 70.20
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland, Great Hunting Property Along The Eel River
Clinton IN Jordan, Donna V. Revocable Living Trust
HLS #: JTC-11456     TOTAL ACRES: 118.73     TILLABLE ACRES: 108.50
KEY FEATURE: Quality Clinton County Farmland
Clinton IN Miller Farming Enterprises LLC
HLS #: JTC-11495     TOTAL ACRES: 159.34     TILLABLE ACRES: 135.00
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland With Farmstead & Wooded Pasture
Defiance OH Tri-Star Trust Bank Trustee (Henning)
HLS #: BJS-11511     TOTAL ACRES: 212.85     TILLABLE ACRES: 207.39
KEY FEATURE: Excellent Cropland
Delaware IN Swan Farms
HLS #: DEW-11527     TOTAL ACRES: 331.44     TILLABLE ACRES: 279.67
KEY FEATURE: Tillable Farmland, Recreational Acreage, Possible Homesites
Hancock IN Promontory Group, Inc
HLS #: MDB-11032     TOTAL ACRES: 82.33     TILLABLE ACRES: 76.94
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland Zoned Residential
Hancock IN Sawmill Development Owned By Timbercreek Investments, LLC
HLS #: PDB-11517     TOTAL ACRES: 218.25     TILLABLE ACRES: 189.57
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland, Development Potential With Commercial and Retail Sites Near Indianapolis With Sanitary Sewer And City Water.
Hendricks IN Broyles Family Partnership LP
HLS #: JTC-11442     TOTAL ACRES: 301.48     TILLABLE ACRES: 196.00
KEY FEATURE: Development Land and Income Property
Hendricks IN Farmer, Stephen M.
HLS #: PDB-11497     TOTAL ACRES: 72.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 50.00
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland, Executive Home & Barns
Howard IN Opal Trottier Estate Trust
HLS #: LWJ-11532     TOTAL ACRES: 83.86     TILLABLE ACRES: 75.90
KEY FEATURE: Quality Farmland, Potential Residential Building Site
Jackson IN Hoevener, Greg & Hoevener, Lori Ann
HLS #: PDB-11515     TOTAL ACRES: 29.28     TILLABLE ACRES: 29.28
KEY FEATURE: All Tillable, Platted Lots With Soil Borings And Perk Test
Jackson IN Hall, George W.
HLS #: PDB-11518     TOTAL ACRES: 20.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 15.70
KEY FEATURE: Unique Home With Guest House, Round Barn, And Outbuildings.
Johnson IN Anderson, Jean Estate
HLS #: PDB-11498     TOTAL ACRES: 86.95     TILLABLE ACRES: 68.96
KEY FEATURE: High Percent Cropland
LaPorte IN A & H Limited Partnership
HLS #: LAS-11529     TOTAL ACRES: 120.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 96.00
KEY FEATURE: Grain And Livestock Farm
Madison IN Summerside Equine Training Center
HLS #: MDB-11522     TOTAL ACRES: 24.83     TILLABLE ACRES: 0.00
KEY FEATURE: Horse Training Facility With 5/8 Mile Training Track, Income Producing Property
Marion IN Harmon, Walter S. Trust and Nora E. Revocable Trust
HLS #: TGR-11021     TOTAL ACRES: 43.53     TILLABLE ACRES: 38.99
KEY FEATURE: Commercial and Residential Development Opportunity
Miami IN Dawalt Irrevocable Trust
HLS #: LWJ-11494     TOTAL ACRES: 145.78     TILLABLE ACRES: 128.88
KEY FEATURE: Cropland and Woods
Newton IN Hubeny Farm Partnership
HLS #: DMR-11478     TOTAL ACRES: 280.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 252.52
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland In Good Location
Porter IN Poulos, et al
HLS #: LAS-11493     TOTAL ACRES: 119.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 112.30
KEY FEATURE: Good Farmland Near Valparaiso
Preble OH Veda Gardiner Farm
HLS #: CLS-11524     TOTAL ACRES: 150.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 58.50
KEY FEATURE: Gentleman's Farm/Small Cattle Operation, Recreational Use With 60 Acres Of Tillable, Gently Rolling Land And The Remainder In Woods And Rolling Pasture. Beautiful Property, House Is Secluded. Spring Fed Pond Site By The Home.
Putnam IN Hazlett, M & D Farms LLC
HLS #: GDB-11507     TOTAL ACRES: 116.50     TILLABLE ACRES: 99.80
KEY FEATURE: Quality Farmland, Woods, Potential Building Site
Randolph IN Peacock, The Janis B. Adm. Trust Dated June 18, 2014
HLS #: CCP-11521     TOTAL ACRES: 91.80     TILLABLE ACRES: 84.14
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland, Woods
Randolph IN Virginia Irene Frazier Trust and the Francis H. Frazier Trust
HLS #: CCP-11536     TOTAL ACRES: 184.53     TILLABLE ACRES: 170.62
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland With A Small Amount Of Woods and Ditch
Randolph IN E.P. Goodrich Farm, John B. Goodrich Trustee
HLS #: CCP-11539     TOTAL ACRES: 109.80     TILLABLE ACRES: 52.00
KEY FEATURE: Productive Cropland, Potential Development, Timber, Farm House and Outbuildings
Randolph IN Mark A. & Elizabeth DeHaven
HLS #: CCP-11540     TOTAL ACRES: 32.03     TILLABLE ACRES: 27.67
KEY FEATURE: Nice Combination of Tillable Cropland and Recreational Land
Shelby IN Glanton, James W. & Geneva C. (11/8)
HLS #: PDB-11480     TOTAL ACRES: 40.55     TILLABLE ACRES: 26.12
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland, Attractive Home & Buildings
Tippecanoe IN Evonik Corporation
HLS #: DMR-11525     TOTAL ACRES: 626.41     TILLABLE ACRES: 600.60
KEY FEATURE: Large Amount Of Irrigated Land Near Purdue University
Union IN Culbertson Farm
HLS #: CLS-11486     TOTAL ACRES: 106.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 73.00
KEY FEATURE: Productive Farmland, Mature Timber, Wooded Homesites
Wabash IN Grossnickle, James & Sandra
HLS #: JRR-11502     TOTAL ACRES: 89.75     TILLABLE ACRES: 81.00
KEY FEATURE: Outstanding Farm, Great Soils With Existing Outlet To The South
Wayne IN Price, Samuel L. & Carmen L.
HLS #: CCP-11406     TOTAL ACRES: 98.00     TILLABLE ACRES: 62.00
KEY FEATURE: Tillable Acreage - Recreational Land - Potential Pond Sites & Building Sites
Wayne IN Myers, John & Sondra
HLS #: CCP-11503     TOTAL ACRES: 206.72     TILLABLE ACRES: 171.20
KEY FEATURE: Well Maintained Very Productive Cropland
Wells IN Shutt, Rex and Marceille Trusts
HLS #: RAJ-11496     TOTAL ACRES: 184.55     TILLABLE ACRES: 181.20
KEY FEATURE: Highly Productive Farmland

41 Farms found.