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Farm Management Services

Today, Halderman Farm Management Service, Inc. (HFMS) provides complete or partial management services to over 650 farms with a market value in excess of $1 billion across the western hemisphere. Consulting and financial services are also provided to many other clients annually. All services performed are customized on an individual basis.


Farms Managed in the United States
Farms Managed in the United States
Farms Managed in the United States by County
Farms Managed in the United States by County
Farms in South America with Consulting Services
in South America with Consulting Services

Professional Farm Management

Farm management services range from an occasional consultation to complete management of a farm operation. A client requesting complete management services could expect HFMS to do the following:

    • Become familiar with the farm, the farm owner, the farm operator (where applicable) and their expectations for the farm operation.
    Become Familiar With the Farm
    • Perform a complete inspection of the farm
    Complete Inspection
    • Make recommendations regarding lease alternatives and discuss the income potential and benefit of each
    Farm Leases
    • Locate the best qualified operator (if necessary) or meet with present operator and negotiate lease agreement
    Tenants and Owner
    • Work with the operator to determine optimum crop rotations and tillage practices which meet the owner's needs are in compliance with government regulations, and are beneficial for the long-term value of the farm
    Crop Rotations
    • Market all commodities, including, but not limited to, grain and livestock
    Market All Commodities
    • Establish and negotiate end-user marketing arrangements and contracts in applicable markets
    Marketing Arrangements
    • Monitor participation in and compliance with applicable government programs
    Compliance with Government Programs
    Photo courtesy of USDA/NRCS
    • Work with the tenant and chemical applicator to maintain required pesticide usage documents
    Pesticide Usage
    • Recommend, and if approved, implement appropriate measures for land use restrictions
    Land Use Restrictions
    Photo courtesy of USDA/NRCS
    • Develop a soil testing and monitoring program for the long term fertility improvement of the farm
    Long Term Fertility Improvement

    • Timber and hunting lease management
    • On hunting leases, we partner with:
    Timber Management
    • Manage and maintain homes, buildings and other improvements
    Maintain the Farm
    • Improve and maintain property for future development interests (where applicable)
    Future Development

Farm owners are kept up-to-date, are informed of decisions made and are asked for approval when necessary. The level of involvement is at the farm owner's discretion.

Financial Analysis and Consultation

HFMS has utilized computer technology and many years of experience in the farm management field to develop programs specifically designed to address the financial status of a farm. The modern day challenges of farm management are often best served by an experienced professional who can apply knowledge of previous successful situations to an existing situation.

Consultation services can be provided for single enterprises or an entire farm operation. An analysis can include budgeting, cash flow analysis, inventory management, capital investment (expansion) review, alternative/what-if analysis - basically any part of a farm operation related to agronomic or financial questions.

Computerized Farm Records

Quarterly ReportsIn 1976, HFMS integrated computers into the farm record system. The simplicity and thoroughness of this system has proved to be invaluable to farm owners. Monthly, quarterly and annual farm reports are completed quickly and efficiently in a format ready to be given to an accountant or to be posted on IRS tax forms.

HFMS moved to its third generation of farm management software in 1995. This new program provides greater information flexibility and analysis tools for all parts of the farm operation. Check printing and the ability to track units used of each product are just a few of the new additions. Our software package is one of the most current and powerful systems in the industry.